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Kukd.com™ has been created to combat the difficulties faced by the restaurant and takeaway industry from the current online ordering services, table booking systems and point of sales providers. Our fee structure is simple, fair and allows you to grow your business and customers the way you want to.

Our Company

Through our close customer relationships and our focus group work, we have understood what it is you require helping you get back your independence, take back control and make your businesses profitable.

Our approach is that we believe and recognise that each restaurant or takeaway has unique needs, customers and challenges. This could be dependent on where you are located, who your customer types are and who your local competitors are.

We have packages, solutions and services for all types of restaurants and takeaway outlets. Whether you are looking for fully integrated e-Commerce technology solutions, Website, Marketing or Design Services. We’ve got it covered....360 degrees.

Euro Foods

Euro Foods Group is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of frozen and fresh foods, serving the restaurant, catering and specialist supermarket sectors for around 25 years and provides their services to over 4000 restaurants and takeaways across the UK.

Curries Online

CurriesOnline.co.uk are the UKs favourite and number one choice for consumers ordering Indian Takeaways online offering consumers over 2000 restaurants and takeaways across the UK to choose from. They have also provided hundreds of restaurants & takeaways with bespoke online ordering solutions that have helped them grow their customers and increase their profits.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple

Our mission is to establish ourselves as the market leader with a distinguished brand and suite of products that is head and shoulders above the current online ordering service providers and e-Commerce technology providers to the restaurant and takeaway sector.

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Our People

A team of innovators

Our people bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from the ecommerce, technology, restaurant and takeaway trade, hospitality, marketing, design and business consultancy sectors. They have all worked at leading companies in their respective fields.

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