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Solutions for takeaways

We recognise that every takeaway has unique needs, customers and challenges. This could be dependent on where you are located, who your customer types are and who your local competitors are.

We understand your needs are very different to a restaurant. You may not have the manpower or resources of a restaurant and your business operates in a very different way.

Our online ordering package provides you with that extra manpower and solutions that will help you to generate:

  • More orders
  • More customers
  • More profits

Our package includes a FREE Website which has full eCommerce functionality that will allow you to start receiving orders immediately. We don't just provide you with a Website. We give you SO MUCH MORE.

Included in your starter pack

Menu Holder

Window stickers

Open & Closed sign

For an additional charge

Support your local takeaway A6 Flyers

Printed on 115gsm Paper
5000 - £55.00
10000 - £70.00

Special Offer Menu Printing

Menu Design & Printing
For great menu printing prices please call
0333 370 9000

* T & C's appy

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